Petteri Ikonen Markku Kantanen Emilia Koskelo Tuulia Kusmin
Samuel Loueranta Jonathan Melartin Pasi Tiitola Annina Vuorinen

The light we want to capture is available only for the time the shutters in our cameras are open. The moment we want to capture is moving at the speed of light. Colors are fading, turning yellow, then magenta and finally all the way to the sparkling red. The roll of film is making circles in a dark space, only getting hints of outer world. Words cannot describe the pleasure when the film comes out from its dark chamber for first time, wet like a little newborn baby. Only the photographer can join that feeling.

Vivid Collective is a group of professional photographers full of great ideas we would love to share with you. We can offer you thousands of different emotions, and we hope you want to receive what we offer with a joy. We all run our own business. We are independent. Still We want to stick together and support each other.

We are not just a collective of photographers. We neither are an agency of commercial photography. We are something between those two, or we can be both. Whatever you want us to be. But mainly we don't believe in categorization. We are what we are and that's what makes us so mighty. Everyone is unique.